About BTCHash

Founded in 2014 in Iceland by Internally Mining Platform before expand worldwide and established online by providing Cloud Mining Services to clients over the world.

About BTCHash
BTCHash was founded on April, 2014. The founders of simple and easy to uses Bitcoin platform that can buy and sell bitcoin online which will help many people to solve the mining problem. In 2014, BTCHash mining the bitcoin internally with small investor involve in the project by setting a small mining farm warehouse in Iceland until early of 2017. BTCHash has success mining bitcoin which allow us to extend the mining farm into biggest size which can support thousand of hardware that support in bitcoin mining.

During extending the mining farm, we are hiring several professional and specialist in IT especially our programmers and engineers in order to handle and maintain the hardware that we use in our mining farm. In 2014, we only have 3,500 mining hardware until early of January 2017, we extend and add around 8,000 new mining hardware which is currently our mining farm have 11,500 miner live 24 hours and 365 days. We are all strong believers in the future of digital currencies and our current team very excited to grow with this community!
BTCHash focusing only for Bitcoin mining and from time to time we are planning to mining other Altcoins. Before we provide Cloud Mining Services online, we have 150,000 investor internally and in order to expand more in future, our team decided to provide cloud mining services over internet and provide some reasonable price of mining hash power to our clients worldwide. There are several of our mining hardware reserved only for our clients that register as our cloud minig clients from BTCHash.org. The hash power is base on GH/s.

We will guarantee that all of our clients will receive their ROI within a year. All hash power that we provide are with the reasonable price and the price is fixed forever. The price will not increase even if the Bitcoin price is higher. We only accept serious clients that know the meaning of mining because mining will take time to get back the ROI. Due to many Scam website outside there, we hope all clients should be aware that there is no fast earning in mining. People or website that offering fast ROI is totally scam and will run way anytime. In BTCHash.org, your ROI is Guarantee. The more hash power you purchase, the more ROI your will get.

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