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1. What is BTCHash...?
  BTCHash is a bitcoin cloud mining service that founded in 2014 as local and private mining service internally until in 2017, we decided to open our own cloud mining service to the world online. We providing an easy and safe way to purchase hashpower without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup. Our few expert teams is professional in handling all the Hardware and Software setup in order to mining the Bitcoin. Our service was started in 2014 with internal investor around 150,000 investors. In order to get more investor, we start cloud mining services and create in order to expand the cloud mining project worldwide.
2. What type of Altcoins that BTCHash offer...?
  Currently BTCHash only mining Bitcoin at this moment. In future, we will expand out other Altcoins due to we only have small amount of other Altcoins server.
3. How does my Bitcoin mining works in BTCHash...?
  It is really easy. Everything is already setup (Hardware & Software) for all investor. What you should do next is signup BTCHash account and select your Hash Power and then pay the Hash Power fees. It is take less than 24 hours to activate your mining account in order to check & prevent any fraud transaction. We are very serious on any fraud activities that happening online.
4. Is it all the hash power offer price is fixed, including the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly...?
  YES. The price in BTC is maitain in BUT the mining bitcoin profits will be change base on the difficulty of bitcoin mining. From time to time, our system will keep update the mining profits that user get base on the difficulty of mining.
5. Why my return of investment (ROI) take a year to get back, but some cloub mining take a month...?
  We are serious in Bitcoin mining and in order to mining bitcoin it take a lot of time, energy and work. By the way, please be careful because there are many SCAM mining website outside there which will offer you unreasonable ROI. You will get profit within a month and then the SCAM mining website owner will run away after get more victim. The real mining is not take one (1) month but a year sometimes and really costly in term of maintenance cost. And FYI, we are NOT FAST RICH SCHEME. If you think that you will become rich in one month, you are totally visit the wrong website.
6. Is mining bitcoin is profitable...?
  YES. Currently, bitcoin is the highest cryptocurrency then other Altcoins. Besides that, we also mining for our own company and at the same time we also offer some hash power to our clients.
7. Where is the mining farm...?
  We run our mining farm in Iceland. For security reasons, we are not disclose our exact location of our farms. We start mining internally since 2014 and August, 2017 we start to offer hash power to worlwide clients. We choose Iceland because we need to make sure our hardware temperature easy to be control enough with the weather. Many mining farm are available in Iceland because it is the best place to run the mining farms.
8. Is this hash power package contract have expire date...?
  NO. You will owned the hash power forever. There is no any expiry date for the hash power package.But, you can upgrade anytime you want. The large hash power you have, the more daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income you will get.
9. How much the cost of buying hardware for mining if i want to have my own mining farm...?
  It is depend on how big is your mining farm. The cost involve are hardware, software, electricity cost, maintenance cost, staff cost, internet connection cost and many more. If you have richest investor or shareholder, there is possible that you can have your own mining farms
10. How BTCHash pay clients and is there any min payout and transaction fees...?
  BTCHash pay client base on client Bitcoin Wallet Address (Please make sure your wallet address is correct). Currently, change manual withdraw to automatic withdraw every SUNDAY and when your bitcoin profits reach the minimum amount of withdraw. We pay our client using bitcoin and pay direct to client's bitcoin wallet.

Minimum balance payout is 0.008 BTC and transaction fees is fix 0.0005 BTC will be applied during withdraw. At this moment, all maintenance fees will be covered by BTCHash. Please make sure you check your email to verify that the bitcoin address is belong to you before our system proceed your withdraw. This is to make sure that your bitcoin is authentic because we will not responsible for any lose of bitcoin during transfering to your bitcoin wallet.
11. What is affiliate program that BTCHash have...?
  BTCHash also offer affiliate program where you will get your own affiliate url and use the url to promote BTCHash to your friends. When your friends activate their btchash membership account, you will get 1 GH/s free hash power for one (1) new client. This free hash power will automatically added into your current mining hash power but make sure they activate their account. As long as they verified their account, then you will receive the hashpower. Please do not SCAM any fake registration else your account will terminate and blacklist forever. All your hashpower will be remove and all your commission also will be remove if you are trying to fake an account to get the HashPower. Our technical person will monitor all registration base on IP address 24/7 and 356 days.
12. What is the minimum hash power that I can purchase and can I purchase custom hash power...?
  Minimum hash power is 100GH/s effective from 5, June 2018 which cost you around 0.005 BTC. We also provide custom hash power package where you can get your own appropriate hash power with your own budget. The prices and the minimum puchased of hashpower will be change from time to time depending on the high demand and the availability of mining hardware in our mining farm.
13. Can I register more than One(1) account...?
  NO. One (1) user for one(1) account with one (1) IP address else if you are trying to register a new account, all of your BTCHash account will be terminated without any notice. We have the right to terminate any users account that trying to do any SCAM activities and do not follow of our rules in BTCHash.
14. How can I contact support team if I need support from BTCHash...?
  Please use our contact form provided if your have any question or problem with your account. Our support team will reply your within 24 hours.
15. What type of payment method that BTCHash accept...?
  Currently, we only accept Bitcoin payment method. Please make sure that you sent the payment exactly amount of your purchased hash power to the right BTCHash Bitcoin Address else it will be consider as donation. By the way, please make sure our BTCHash Bitcoin Address is correct and we will not responsible if you send to the wrong address.
16. My BTCHash account was suspended because my housemate register from my affiliate link...?
  Please refer to question No. 13, if you asking your friend to register BTCHash membership account using the same PC or the same IP address. Our Spam software will terminate your account without any notice due to prevent SCAM activity. So, any suspended account will become suspended forever. We are very strict in this spamming issues. Please read before you asking your housemate to register with the same IP.
17. I want to sell back my HashPower to because no longer interested in mining bitcoin...?
  FYI. There will be no refund for any purchased of our HashPower because there is no contract and it is belong to you forever. If you want to stop mining with us, we can disable your account and please contact our support team if you wish to close your account.

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